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Implant Treatment - Care Dental Clinic - Family Dentistry - Limerick IR

Implant Treatment

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Your comfort is our priority

Modern, 3D Computer planning of implant treatment. We leave nothing to chance


Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning is necessary to achieve satisfactory patient outcomes of treatment. We leave nothing to chance, therefore, introduced a computer treatment planning implanto-prosthetic using the latest software

Implant Treatment


Computer planning of implant treatment


Patients qualified to implant are routinely performed test tomograficzne jaw. Based on the results of the test tomograficznego our specialists within 24-48h form a three-dimensional reconstruction of the jaw bones and teeth with a virtual patient simulation placed implants and artificial teeth. With special software implantolog surgeon can precisely analyze the structure and dimensions of the natural bone of the patient, determine the type, size, angle of entry, number and location of each implant so that when the smallest surgical procedures to optimize the quality and durability of the treatment effect, while minimizing the potential risk of damage important anatomical structures such as nerves. With a choice of three-dimensional model of patient’s jaw, you can also clearly identify possible indications for Guided Bone Regeneration procedures (ie augmentation of bone) and raise the maxillary sinus (the sinus lift). Both of these procedures are applied in the case of the absence of sufficient quantities of natural bone. In addition, treatment planning and use of 3D reconstruction in patient SimPlant provides a unique opportunity to watch their jaws with virtually made implants and teeth before deciding on the surgery.

Modern implant treatment using special implants, biomaterials, and Guided Bone Regeneration is safe, effective, and achieves excellent aesthetic and functional outcomes. Previously, millions of people with gaps in the teeth automatically decided on the implementation of the bridge, now have a choice.

The demand is huge: a statistically every adult, middle-aged 2.7 is missing a tooth and almost 5 million elderly people did not have teeth. What is the best strategy for closing the gaps aesthetic tooth? Financial and technical inputs in the case of simple bridge and the implant is very different. Especially, if the patient has too little bone.

In the case of a young patient who has complete absence of one tooth three-point bridge, will require two or three times during the replacement of life. It will be due to recurrent decay or breaking a tooth. The initial cost of completing a single implant can be no larger than complementary three-point bridge, but after 7 years, these costs become equal. Although implants may initially seem expensive, after counting all the expenses associated with traditional prosthetic treatment, most of us agree that we invest in implants.

With new technologies, virtual operation planning, the lack of pain during surgery and the technique of Guided Bone Regeneration wyzbyło many people are prejudice against implants. New nano-titanium surface roots firmly anchor the artificial tooth in the jaw, thereby increasing their extremely durable. According to recent studies the likelihood that the implant together with the bridge after 10 years, will firmly stick to the bone is approximately 93%. Simple ground tooth crown to hold an average of 87%.

Epochal progress dentists make a revolution in the perception of third teeth – if in the past, talk about missing teeth was considered a taboo subject, now supplies the prosthetic implant has become a status symbol. Implants with crowns that are confusingly similar to natural teeth usually look better than the original. Who needs a good job looking beautiful teeth. No other signal can not recognize someone more than just a charming smile. Studies prove that the caller look in the first seconds of a call is routed to the mouth. If you get there is a disarming smile, the owner is already practically won the position. In the end who sends a manager with a yellow precipitate nazębnym or even with a hole in the tooth for a meeting with a client.

Due to low financial costs, the bridges are still considered the standard treatment for single tooth gaps. Bridges are used in 8 out of 10 cases. However, in this case must be highly polished adjacent teeth. Often, so you have to damage the two healthy teeth to replace one missing. At the same experts have long proclaimed the maintenance of healthy teeth as the most important goal of dentistry. Healthy teeth chewing force optimally transferred to the bone. If there is no tooth to the bone lost due to lack of load. Disappearing bone causes the lips become narrower and the chin position, which is called the heading “imploring” or “senile.” These discoveries have contributed to the fact that the implant is often used to protect the bone. Even if not as good as natural teeth, but they carry enough force on the jaw to keep the bone and the right face shape.

Procedure itself is easy, especially when only a single missing tooth. At the beginning of the diagnosis on the basis of X-ray. In the case of pre-qualify the patient for implant treatment is performed jaw Computer tomography to finally confirm eligibility and to select the appropriate size, number and location of the implants. At the implantation of a single implant without dosztukowania bone implantolog needs 20 – 40 minutes. When 8 – 15 millimeter titanium screw now lies in the bone, the doctor stitches the wound. If you are missing a front tooth the patient leaves the center with a provisional.

On treatment, the patient is already taking painkillers, and performs with ice compress which helps reduce swelling and pain pozabiegowy inherent in the treatments performed on the bone. Grow into the jaw bone in a titanium screw in 2 – 6 months. Then the surgeon are prepared surface of the implant and creates space for a new, two-part tooth, consisting of the connector and the crown. Approximately two weeks after this visit a crown can be screwed. During earlier visits were collected impressions, by which the dental technician performs an artificial crown.

The basic principle is: the more robust is the foundation, the better to accept the implant. The most commonly used are two methods of bone regeneration (so-called “augmentation “):

1. if possible, the surgeon replaced bone chips or bone fragments from the patient’s jaw using a special device to collect the natural bone of the patient
2. if there is not enough bone, can be successfully used for artificial bone

currently one of the most controversial techniques is the method called “Teeth in an hour” (Teeth-in-one-hour), also available in Poland. In this case, doctors require a crown directly on the just-grafted implants. It was regarded not as an unpardonable error in the arts. Patients leave the doctor’s office without waiting, and is able to chew again – this dream of many people. This rapid method is rendered possible by prior planning. The computer scans the mouth and jaw impression. The data are sent electronically to a dental laboratory where the robot are cut individual model of the mouth. Rail leading dentist allows for precise drilling of bones through the designated holes. In this way, is to avoid augmentation and damage the gums. A new artificial tooth roots are attached crown. And these crowns at once, you can start to bite – so at least it looks a theory. This is what “immediate load implants” argue experts who warn of serious consequences of such conduct, as in case of failure could fall all the implants. Cause the loss of such implants is in mikroruchach. If the tooth is pressing on the wound in the bone grows into the implant not bone but the soft tissue. In the case of implants, it is important to every micrometer. You can use an analogy here with the newly operated on his leg when it is obvious that the patient will at once ran. For this reason it is recommended to use instant method only in few selected cases.

Less controversial fraught with much lower risk of graft rejection is the method which consists of embedded teeth final only after a period of about 3-6 months after implantation and the patient is temporary denture or temporary bridge.

The consequences of leaving missing teeth without prosthetic additions:

change facial features, and thus the loss of youthful appearance
emergence of more number of mimic wrinkles
disorders harmony and profile lips
section between the nose and chin, causing distortion of facial
problems chewing food
problems with digestion, as a consequence of improper chewing. Speeding up the process of decay
Pidge of the jaws arising from not wearing prosthetic restorations

Highlights the gaps in dental implant therapy:

Therapy functionally and aesthetically imitating nature
behavior and facial aesthetics appropriate for the age
Any reduction in bone loss around implants
enable proper function of chewing
work on prosthetic implants are more stable compared with the total or partial dentures
Improving quality of life

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