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Conservative treatment and endodontics - Care Dental Clinic - Family Dentistry - Limerick IR

Conservative treatment and endodontics

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Your comfort is our priority

To meet the expectations of our patients as to the aesthetics of the fillings we use only the best and the latest composite materials and systems that combine.


According to the latest standards in maintenance treatment, our patients can always be sure that we will make every effort to ensure that even in the case of deep cavities to keep the tooth alive and did not treat him canal.

Conservative treatment

latest aesthetic materials
Immediate effect
Biological treatment of reversible pulp inflammation

Aesthetic fill

We work primarily with the materials of three companies: 3M-ESPE (USA-Germany), GC (Japan) and Kuraray (Japan). Doing with us fill in the front or side teeth are sure that it meets all requirements for function and aesthetics. Please note such “trifles” such as fillings luminescence under UV light. When our patients wish to play in clubs or discos, where the standard is ultraviolet light, can be confident about their fulfillment – no one will notice, because we do it with the material perfectly mimic natural tooth tissue (natural teeth in that light shine on a yellow-green , and then simply fill are black).

Speed performance

undoubted advantage of direct methods of reconstruction of teeth is a short time needed to implement them. In the event of unforeseen mishap of our patients such as fracture or tooth ukruszenie before an important event in life, we are able to provide immediate assistance and without pre-arranged appointment. Filling these will be fully operational for a limited time, but are quiet enough to plan and carry out reconstruction of the target.

Teeth remineralization

Called biological treatment of reversible inflammation of the pulp (the nerve in the tooth) is carried out with the aid of specially developed for this purpose medicinal filling materials. After the assumption of such a fulfillment, it emits a very high concentration of fluoride ions, and calcium hydroxide, which generates remineralizacja and the healing of tooth tissue. Only in case of failure of such treatment, the tooth is eligible for root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

latest techniques and materials
one visit treatment
Repeated treatment
Removing broken tools and foreign objects from root canals
blockage of root canals with ultrasound
Microsurgery endodontics

Importance of root canal treatment

It is extremely important and difficult branch of dentistry, because without a good root canal treatment (endodontic) can not perform any work on the dead prosthetic tooth. Inaccurate or erroneous canal treatment almost always ends with the development of chronic inflammatory periapical bone around the tooth root. This in turn is a direct cause of that cyst (cysts) in the case of superinfection of the change created an abscess or fistula pussy. If left untreated, chronic inflammation of bones are dangerous to the health of the patient source odogniskowych diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, kłębuszkowego nephritis, endocarditis, and valvular heart disease or optic neuritis.

Equipment and materials for root canal treatment

In this demanding and complex field of dentistry there is no room for compromise. To ensure our patients the highest level of endodontic treatment we use the latest technology. For the treatment of complicated cases, use the magnifying glass Treatment of self-lighting LED. With high quality optics, we have the possibility of introducing a completely new quality of endodontic treatment. In addition to hardware, we use the optical and electronic instruments, among others. to measure the length of root canals. The development of root canals with rotary instruments we use computer-controlled. Fill root canals using vertical condensation of gutta-hot liquid from the resin sealant. And all that we most often on one, maximum of two visits.

Microsurgery endodontics

when the classic technique of endodontic treatment failed, we have a whole set of microsurgical procedures through which very often goes badly promising to save the teeth. Our specialists have the appropriate qualifications and facilities to carry out such procedures include to reverse root canal preparation using ultrasound (Mectron system), and as a biocompatible material using a special preparation called MTA (Dentsply – USA).

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