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Skuteczna i nowoczesna Ortodoncja | Care Dental Clinic


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Modern orthodontics

Do you also think that a beautiful smile helps both in private and professional life? Modern orthodontics is something more than you could think!

team_1_1Orthodontics is a field of dentistry goes far beyond science of only proper position of our teeth. We aim to assure the ‘harmony’ of your smile through the hot only proper alignment butalso function, appearence, speech and chewing ability. This results in an esthetic profile and en face look.

In our clinic, we use safe, modern solutions, thnks to which the treatment is faster, less painfull and can even give instant visual effects of brighter smile.

Currently we offer a wide range of fixed and renovable braces. After we diagnose your case, our specialists will chose the best option for you. Just to make sure you can enjoy your new smile for years after end of treatment.

The orthodontic treatment will give you a beautiful smile, you will feel more confident and comfortable in every moment of your life!

Thanks to orthodontic treatment face looks younger for a longer time, articulation is better and your teeth are healthier. Straighter teeth and proper bile make it easjer to brush and maintain a good oral hygiene rouhne. will also improve heath of the mouth and gums and chewing ability.
You can also forget about the headaches cause by TMJ problems.

Range of treatment of our orthodontist

pediatric and adult orthodontics
chronic headaches treatment
the latest techniques and materials
An individual treatment plan and care

What does the orthodontist during the visit?

  • ortho consultation
  • ortho profilacti
  • teeth eruption control
  • early mixed dentition treatment from 4 years old
  • removable devices(appliance)
  • lfixed appliance with TAD’s and extra oral
  • ortho and surgical treatment
  • pre prosthetic ortho treatment
  • retention treatment

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