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Malocclusion – treatment, prevention. Tips for parents.

As a parent, from the first days of your child’s life, you can support the right development of their occlusion. Read our guidelines now.

As a parent, from the very beginning of your baby, you have a chance to take care of the right development of their occlusion developmnet. Get tips, learn how to prevent malocclusion.


What causes malocclusion?

The largest group are acquired malocclusion. They are formed in the first years of a child’s life. Wrong pacifier, mouth breathing, thumb sucking and premature loss of deciduous teeth (caused by trauma or caries).

How can I prevent malocclusion of my child?
From the first days of yoour baby life you should prevent malocclusion. You need to pay special attention to:

  • the use of appropriate soothers
  • the manner and time of feeding (breast or bottle)
  • early implementation of spoon-feeding
  • wont child biting and chewing hard foods.
  • it is important to prevent the occurrence of bad habits in children and wean them should they occur (eg. toe sucking, lip biting pencils, etc.). This task is extremely difficult and requires a lot of patience, but very important. It will in fact have an impact on the further development of the jaw bone and teeth of your child.
  • caries milk plays a major role in the formation of malocclusion – take care of proper brushing a child’s teeth from the moment of appearance of the first milk tooth in his mouth.

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