Orthodontics – when to start treatment?

When I should take my kid to the orthodontist?
Orthodontic Society, the world recommend the orthodontist examined the child no later than age 7, but there are many situations where you should go for a consultation to a specialist Only regular visits to the dentist dealing with the oral health of your child will quickly notice that something was disturbing.

If you notice:

  • habit of sucking a finger or pacifier over 3 years
  • speech defects
  • aversion to chew hard foods over 3 years
  • premature loss of deciduous teeth
  • mouth breathing
  • gaps between the teeth or crowding of teeth
  • crackles or other sounds that appear when closing or opening the mouth
  • teeth “protruding” or harassing the front teeth
  • reverse overlap of opposing teeth (tooth overlaps the lower to the upper)
  • changes in facial appearance (eg. facial asymmetry, expressly revoked or extended beard)

Are there age limits for orthodontic treatment?
No, treatment can begin at any age selecting appropriate methods.

However, the necessary condition is the presence of a sufficient amount and quality of bone, no acute periodontal inflammation and cured teeth, lack of plaque and tartar.

Why is orthodontic treatment (dental) children is so important?
Since malocclusion not withdraw spontaneously, and with age is even worse. Besides orthodontic treatment in childhood is faster than in adults, and started in a timely manner to avoid the removal of permanent teeth for orthodontic elderly and prevents complications of malocclusion.

It not without significance is the well-being of your child. Crooked teeth can cause complexes accompanying him from an early age, and yet every parent wants his child to be confident, blockbuster and surrounded by a group of friends.

Taking care from an early age with good oral hygiene and proper arrangement of the teeth of your child will reduce the risk of caries (crooked teeth more difficult to purify which increases the tendency to tooth decay and gum disease).

Remember also that malocclusion can be a cause of speech defects and its deepening.

I heard recently about orthodontic prevention. What is it and who is affected?
It concerns the inclusion in the upbringing of the child factors affecting beneficial for the proper development and growth of the teeth, jaws, and eliminating factors or toxic.

It is designed primarily for parents and young children.

During a visit to the orthodontist’s office assesses the compatibility of the bite of a child with a standard agreed to his age and the correctness of respiration, speech, swallowing, etc. way. If the expert finds irregularities recommend appropriate exercises that they eliminate / reduce.

What is the vestibular plate?
Vestibular plate is otherwise functional braces, which uses natural muscle strength to improve the malocclusion. Through their action forces the good habits eliminating negative habits. It is intended rather for the youngest patients, and which has already appeared in milk teeth.

It is a plastic oblong plate of ovoid-shaped, arched and fitted with a handle, such as the teats, which facilitates the removal and set in the correct position in the mouth.

The use of such an apparatus has many advantages. Among other things, it helps to remove speech defects through their effects on the muscles of the lips and tongue, also facilitating speech therapy exercises. In addition, in the case of pathological eject tongue against the front teeth, can be provided in a language barrier, it eliminates pressure on the incisors, and consequently open bite. It prevents mouth breathing forcing breathing through the nose, so that the airways are properly formed. It helps to establish a correct bite, which has neither worse nor open. Also jaw remains in place. This prevents thumb sucking, which is extremely important because this habit can lead to very serious malocclusion.

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