What is X-ray, RVG?

X-ray, RVG

Foundation of effective treatment is the best diagnosis. Our patients have access to state of the art digital X-ray machine.


By using the latest X-ray equipment, we provide the highest quality imaging with the least possible exposure to radiation radiology.

X-ray, RVG

Are there any contraindications to perform an X-ray?

primary contraindication to perform radiological examinations are pregnant. Radiographic examination should be performed during pregnancy only if it is not possible postponement of the examination after birth. If testing is done to a pregnant woman, use the appropriate cover to protect the fetus before irradiation.

JWhat is the difference between the classical X-ray photograph and a digital photograph of RVG (Radiovisiography)?

classic X-ray performed on the photographic plate on a close to classic photography with the difference that the film highlights the X-ray radiation, not visible light, and this plate has a very high sensitivity and resolution . Analogy, digital photos are similar principle to the so popular out of digital photography, where to obtain the image is used instead of an electronic sensor plate. The main difference between the classical technique and a digital photograph is the ability to edit digital photos after the exposure. Courtesy classic once exposed can not be corrected. The digital image can improve, enlarge, get negative, take measurements, etc. This allows you to adjust images by a doctor, which greatly facilitates image interpretation and diagnosis, the patient is able to immediately obtain images with a digital or print.

Does RVG images and X-ray might be harmful?e

As all radiological diagnostic tests are noninvasive tests, but aggravating a patient’s dose of ionizing radiation. There is no safe maximum absorbed dose of ionizing radiation and is always trying to reduce exposure. Performing X-ray examination of the doctor is always in mind the benefit arising from the results obtained by this method to the dose received by the patient. Modern equipment can minimize the number of exposures and their level.

How often do you take your own photos RVG?

incidence RVG images, as well as other radiological examinations should be limited to events necessary while bearing in mind that modern equipment provides high quality research with minimal doses of radiation. In addition, RVG as digital technology practically excludes the failed image.

Is diagnostic radiology is safe for children?

diagnostic X-ray examination does not constitute a direct threat to the child’s health, while an important factor is the frequency of tests performed. It is recommended to minimize performed radiological examinations and the use of the latest methods of reducing the dose. Modern X-rays have special software and a significant reduction in radiation-preserved high-quality photos. Bearing in mind the safety of children is recommended to use RVG (radio-) as a routine diagnostic test, because this apparatus has the highest reduction of harmful radiation.

Can a pregnant woman can perform radiographs?

can only be in a situation where the health benefits resulting from implementation of the test exceed the risks from fetal irradiation. Female plan to become pregnant should perform such tests in advance and only start after the completion of maternity comprehensive dental treatment.

When should I take a picture of “Panorama”and when cephalometric?

Panorama is a photograph giving a general picture of the teeth of the jaw, both jaws and parts of the patient’s sinuses. Picture This should be done at the beginning of treatment – especially when we had a long break in visits to the dentist. Cephalometric picture is a photograph used in the specialized diagnostic and treatment plan, determining occlusion.

Why despite having fresh photos pantomograficznego (up to 6 months), sometimes there is a need for further X-rays RVG point?

This happens because the image is a photograph pantomograficzne general – giving views on the status of the patient’s teeth. Photos illustrate the point a much smaller area – usually a few teeth, but with greater accuracy. In particular, the teeth need root canal treatment of the photo point before and after treatment (sometimes also during treatment). Pictures are often carried out at different angles, allowing the physician to see all channels in the tooth root and to confirm their proper fulfillment.

What x-rays are required for implant treatment?

Implant treatment requires a very thorough evaluation of construction and the internal structure of the jaw bone and jaw (including the density and spatial arrangement of anatomical structures). Such information provides a computed tomography study – it is give an X-ray examination of the spatial (three dimensional) area of interest to us, and allows for arbitrary cross-sections of the test structure. Such cross sections are the basis for planning the deployment, the type and size of dental implants.

Does patient with pacemakers may have made radiographs?

There is no impediment to the implementation of radiological examination in a patient with pacemakers, but must reckon with the occurrence of artifacts (distortion) in the photo. This happens because the metal, which is made the starter, it absorbs X-rays. Not allowed while in such patients to perform a study with magnetic resonance, because the magnetic field may damage or destroy the starter, as well as to generate the heat leading to burns patients.

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